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A covered incense burner is a incense burner

Posted by: lay1014 on 5/28/2018 5:48 AM

It is also called incense or incense burner. It was originally made of bronze and has a beautiful design on the outside. In ancient society, incense in the application of noble and civilian life more extensive, after the song dynasty began to spread to the people, many people use a variety of spices to smoked clothing, eliminate fatigue, and dispel mosquito, etc. After the han dynasty, the material of incense burner rich rise gradually, in the song dynasty porcelain furnace boshan ship, later again the quality of the jade incense burner, jade incense burner, etc., some even become GuanShangPin display or play.
There are exquisite incense burners, most of which are made of copper casting, divided into three layers. The lower layer contains model instruments for burning incense. Most of the models are "longevity" or "joy" characters of the seal character, cast into continuous zigzag pattern, about 0.40 cm thick. Put the incense powder on the model and make a beautiful pattern. It's very elegant to light it up, cover it with a lid and let it burn in sequence. This kind of incense burner, rarely used for Buddha or ancestor worship, used in the book to burn incense.

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