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The Best Pan-Asian Cuisine

Serve "Lunch & Dinner", "mostly MSG-free with Home-Made Sauce"



Japanese Cuisine

[Q] Ingredients - Does Sushi have  Gluten in it?

[A] Our professional chef is fully trained how to make Gluten-free sushi for many years. A soy sauce may contain a fraction of Gluten, but typically many customers are eating Sushi without the soy sauce provided.

Chinese Cuisine

[Q] Ingredients - Does all Chinese cuisine have  Gluten in it?

[A] A few Chinese cuisine has no Gluten in it. For example, Singapore Noodle is Gluten-Free food. For details, you can also ask any other available food fit to your needs.

Other Specialties

[Q] I heard that LunchCafe makes a special menu featured on FOOD channel. What's it ?

[A] It's called Devil's Cookie. LunchCafe is the only place or 1st place in Fredericton that makes and serve it to the public restaurant. It's not recommended to consume much though.

[Q] Can you make "French Fry coated hot dog on a stick" everyday ?

[A] At this moment, we do serve it on every Saturday only. Sorry for any inconvenience.


[Q] Do you offer delivery ?

[A] Yes. We also offer delivery, but with extra cost. It depends on the delivery company, but typically they charge additional $6~$10  in the city of Fredericton. To order, please use 506-206-8008.


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